Fluoridex Daily Defense Toothpaste - Mint

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This 1.1% Sodium Fluoride toothpaste and gel gives your maximum professional-strength fluoride and aids in the remineralization process. It's ideal for people with root caries, xerostomia-induced caries and for people with moderate to high caries risk.

Fluoridex Toothpaste Instructions:

  1. Adults and pediatric patients age 6 or older, apply a small amount of gel dentifrice to toothbrush and brush thoroughly on all tooth surfaces for at least one minute.
  2. After use, adults expectorate. For best results, do not eat, drink, or rinse for 30 minutes. Pediatric patients, ages 6-17, expectorate after use and rinse mouth thoroughly.
  3. Use twice daily as your normal dentifrice or as directed by you dental professional.